When I need to talk

Sometimes I need to tell someone else the pain I’m going through, so I choose a friend from my so few friends.

Today, I was talking to V. and all I really wanted was for her to listen to me, so I can put my thoughts in order and hear myself saying what I have been thinking lately.

Helping friends

Unfortunately, she didn’t understand that. She started talking about her experiences, some similar, some very different from mine and her reactions to those and the reactions her partners had when she said or did something.

So I was frustrated by that, on top of being frustrated that you no longer allow me to show my love and care for you and, worse of all, no longer let me hug you.

This is what I miss the most: your hugs, my nose in the little space between your neck and your shoulder, smelling your perfume, saying little things with my lips pressed to your skin, like “I love you!” so no one else hears them.

Photo from here.



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