New Year resolutions and Last Year sum up

Photo from here.

I see a lot of resolutions on the FB walls and accounts for this past year, and in my mind is only one thing: I’ve made time slow down a bit with our meals out, your b-day (also the “no reason for”) gifts and the theater plays we went to. It’s what I remember the most.

And the shopping thrill/ spree with Ale that put me financially down.

Why the last one happened I’d rather not remember.

Mostly, I consider I’ve grown and I like to believe I’ve helped you grow, too. 🙂

I don’t know about you, but for me, meeting you, having you as my friend, most certainly was a good thing.

I know, I wanted to mean something else to you. I know it is not possible. I will take what it is.

This years resolution: Make the most of it!



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